"It's true... Syren is a life saver. The alarm is INSANELY loud and hurts your ears. I was skeptical but I feel so much safer now. It arrived within 4 days, super fast shipping. I'm getting one for all my friends for Christmas." 

- Sarah H.

Extremely Bright Strobe Light

It's Like Staring At The Sun...

Imagine looking at a flashlight and then multiplying that by 10. That is how bright this light is. It will blind attackers giving you enough time to escape their dangerous threat. This video doesn't do it justice... Staring at the sun is BLINDING. Yet it cannot be captured on camera... Syren truly has a blinding light, use it with care. 

"One of the best ways to protect your daughters." 

"Revolutionary Greatness.

"A small gadget, a huge solution.

"A simple solution for protecting

our women workforce." 

Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones

You can feel peace of mind carrying Syren and gifting it to loved ones. The last thing you want is anything to happen to you or the people you care about.

Deter Predators While Hiking... 

Tested And Scientifically Studied.

Animals are extremely sensitive to sound. Even more sensitive to sound than people. At 130 decibels, there is no way a predator is sticking around. If you don't believe us, checkout this video of a bear running away from the ear piercing Syren sound. We hope you never encounter a predator, Syren is accessible when you need it most.

Proven To Protect


Syren is so portable, it fits on your pocket. Bring it anywhere you go - during a workout or a girls' nightout.

Loud 130 db

The loud alarm is measured at 130 decibel, which is nearly as loud as a gunshot from a rifle! 


The blinding LED temporarily stuns any attackers. Proven to deter humans, bears, coyotes, and cougars.

How To Test & Use Syren

We're Keeping Thousands Of Women Safe...

Caitlyn S.

Verified Buyer

"I was followed by a black bear for 2 miles during one of my runs. I finally pulled my Syren pin and it went running away! I can honestly say it saved my life."

Amanda B.

Verified Buyer

"I often go home late at night because of work. With Syren, I have the confidence to do so. The alarm is blaring and the light is enough to briefly blind anyone by surprise."

Missy K.

Verified Buyer

"Nothing is more important than keeping my 2 daughters safe. This gives me more confidence that they will be fine in their everyday lives even when out of my sights."

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long is shipping?

Syren is an American company. We ship from our warehouses in United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We have GUARANTEED track insured shipping!

2. How does the Syren work?

Syren personal safety alarm is designed to emit a blaring 130db siren that can briefly disorient an attacker just by pulling the circular pin. A few seconds is all it takes for you to secure yourself an opening to avoid danger.

3. Just how loud is Syren?

130 Decibels is nearly as loud as a gunshot from a rifle! It's as loud as a jet engine 100 feet overhead. This has been proven to attract help, deter attackers, and deter wildlife.

4. How long can Syren produce a loud alarm?

The device can be turned on and off by pulling and pushing the circular pin. The alarm can last for up to 40 minutes. That's enough time to catch the attention of anyone around in case of emergencies. If it ever runs out, we'll replace it for free!

5. What if I don't like my Syren?

We believe in our product so much that if you don't like your product or are not satisfied after 365 days of delivery. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, just send us back the product at your expense and we will refund your entire order! 

6.  I have more questions?

Please contact our 24/7 support team at support@safesyren.com so we can assist you with any questions!